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Creating business opportunities at an international level, even today, thanks to innovation and expertise.

Trentino International Incoming: one-to-one meetings between German, Polish and Swedish economic operators and local mechanical and mechatronic excellence companies. All through a state-of-the-art networking and interaction platform to meet, find information, multimedia materials and in-depth analysis.

After the success of the initiative in autumn (24-26 November), the platform remains open and visitable. We are working to organize a new meeting session in January.

International Incoming 2020 : numbers


Countries represented (8 analized)


Selected Compagnies from Trentino


Training meetings


Foreign economic operators




spectators at the inaugural event

Trentino: Italian heart, international excellence


income per capita


GDP invested in research sector


Innovative Startups. 1° in Italy

Public University in Italy for quality of research


Mechatronic Companies


Employes in Mechatronic sector


Anna Gasperotti Capi Group

“Strong individuality in a cohesive network...The sinergy gives us the advantage of having a wider vision on different materials and areas of expertise.”

Giuliano Avi CMB

“Capability of our people to understand our customers needs and put full commitment to achieve the results with a special eye and passion.”

Chiara Girardini Girardini

“Co-design and early involvement with customers together with flexibility are our greatest strength.”

Maria Pia Russo Poncial Malcotti

“The highest precision in the processing of custom-made products, recognized as an added value in the skills of the Italian excellence of MADE IN ITALY.”

Erik Cologna Sapes

“We can supply an highly integrated production cycle, from a steel bar to a completely machined component.”

Michele Endrizzi Tumedei

“Our approach combines a very long experience in technical solutions with innovative process and flexible design.”

Giulia Angeli ZV meccanica

“We call it excellence in urgency: in which stands out results obtained thanks to seriousness, excellence and flexibility of our resources.”

What to expect?

Countless opportunities to engage with new selected partners.

Access to a dedicated one-to-one virtual platform in order to manage all the meetings in one place.

Identify new business opportunities and develop strategic relationships.